MPC series | High Voltage, High Power, High Repetition Rate

MPC series


  • Fast Rise Time <50ns
  • High Voltage Output up to 30kV
  • Rep. rate up to 15000pps
  • Short Pulse Width Option

Waveform (MPC3010S with short pulse option)



Product Name Pulsed Power Generator
Model Number MPC1110S-15KLP MPC1310S-2KLP MPC3010S-25LP MPC3010S-5J
Maximum Output Voltage (at 500Ω) 11kV 13kV 30kV 30kV
Rise Time Approx. 50ns Approx. 100ns Approx. 50ns Approx. 300ns
Pulse Repetition Rate (max) 15000pps 2000pps 250pps 120pps
Input energy (max) 20mJ/pulse 0.1J/pulse 0.8J/pulse 5.2J/pulse
Input Voltage AC100-130V or AC200-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power 600VA 750VA 500VA 1500VA
Cooling System Forced air cooling
External Trigger Input BNC (5V) Square wave
Protection Over temperature, Control voltage reduction, Fan speed reduction, Charging error, External trigger fault
*including protrusions
Capacitor Charging Unit W355×H165×D350mm W340×H142×D344mm W340×H142×D344mm W340×H142×D344mm
Pulsed Power Unit W406×H155×D326mm W314×H126×D250mm W428×H155×D333mm W514×H214×D603mm
Weight Capacitor Charging Unit 5.5kg 4.0kg 4.5kg 5.0kg
Pulsed Power Unit 6.1kg 4.5kg 7.2kg 25.6kg
Accessories Power cable (1.5m), Cable for connecting between two units (1.5m), Output cable (0.5m)
Notice   *2 *1 *2  

*1 Can be custom-made up to 500pps
*2 Can be custom-made to short pulse width

▼Capacitor Charging Unit

Capacitor Charging Unit

▼Pulsed Power Unit

Pulsed Power Unit


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