Nanosecond Pulse Power Generator PPM1000S


  • Fast Rise Time <10ns
  • Extreme Short Pulse Width
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • External trigger operation
  • Trigger Synchronous Output
  • Output Voltage and Pulse Repetition Rate Adjustable

Waveform examples

Waveform examples


Product Name Nanosecond Pulsed Power Generator
Model Number PPM1000S-1KESP
Input Voltage AC100-130V or AC200-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum Output Voltage (No-load) 25kV
Rise time <10ns
Minimum Pulse Width <25ns
Pulse Repetition Rate 1000pps (Max)
Output Energy 13mJ/pulse (Max)
External Trigger Input 5V (BNC) Square wave
Protection Charging error
Over temperature
Fan speed reduction
External trigger fault
Dimension 362W×164H×456D (mm)
Weight 6.1kg
Accessories Power cable (1.5m)
Output cable (0.5m)


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